Hello non existing readers. It’s me again to fill you in on the progress to my journey… No my adventure.  I am still in New York (sadly) but a change a wind has blown my way… A way better breeze than California. But don’t misjudge me here and think I’m here shitting on the fine state. But she isn’t apart of this part of the story. No… Not yet. Oregon is now the new first stepping stone for my life. But a stepping stone it is. My very reliable sources have informed me of a possibility of legit business that I can become apart of off the jump. Hands on training to finally learn how to treat this fine green vixen that grows from under us to only be apart of us in both a spiritual, physical, and mental sense. The start of my new life. The life that has been shaping for me since before I was even thought of. The universe just points and I start walking. One cannot ignore a sign from the universe. The consequences are of biblical proportions…


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