So where to begin? To whomever is reading this blog welcome. You will be the readers of my long and most likely strenuous adventure to…well…The American Dream. Now what is the American Dream? To some its a life where you can AT LEAST have a roof over your head for your family. To some its having that car on the commercials. The list can go on and on and on, man. But to simplify it, the American Dream is what ever the hell you want it to be. That’s the beauty of this rotten country though. Make money and do whatever you feel like doing. But do it in style. Why? Because your fucking American that’s why! We who were born here were born in a place where you can do what your heart desires and pretty much get away as long as your money can help. We were also born with the idea we are better than anyone so why not be better? And the best part of this is that the American Dream is more alive than ever! Its incredible really. Don’t believe me? Well I’d be happy to give some examples. Lets start with the most famous one of them all in these times. The infamous Kim Kardashian. Why is she so relevant? Well because a talented r&b singer decided fuck her that’s why and decided to put it on tape. Now little 7 year old girls wanna be just like her. Making money for a show that has no purpose just because people feel so pathetically sad about their lives and will do nothing about it except for keeping up with people who don’t give a rats ass about them. William Hung, a man who made money off of being a BAD singer. All these you tube sensations. The list goes on. But I feel like I’m getting off track. All I’m saying is The American Dream is here and I’m here to make it my reality. I will be going  from New York to California soon to establish a life there. My goal? To make money growing and/or selling Gods greatest plant known to man. The only woman I would love and be ok to share with my buddies. Mary Jane of course. Because NOW America has given us Dreamers another dream to chase! This country is going through a change and I WILL be right in the fucking middle of this whole shebang when it pops off. And my journey will be crazy. Lots of wild adventures (my life has ALWAYS been full of them). My inspiration for this (obvious to some already) is no other than Hunter S. Thomson. The man who chose is destiny, went through it, and even died the way he wished. Did it ALL. The American Dream, man. The fucking American Dream.


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