The Hour Of Wonder

The Hour Of Wonder

•I step out my door and walk down the 3 small steps onto the sidewalk

•I look around this quiescent neighborhood

•It is 3 am and the streets are barren as well as the sidewalk

•I shuffle through my jacket pocket and pull out my source of wonder…singed it…and took a drag

•With my eyes sealed I respire and I feel my mind already full of questions…always full of questions but now…more amplified…more elaborate

•Some lead to more questions…which lead to questions that have more questions behind them 

•Why am I out here? •Why is noone else out here as well as I? •What am I looking for?

• I choose a direction and search for the answer

•With my source of wonder in between my fingers I take another drag

•Passing house by house by house…parked car by parked car by parked car wondering which car belongs to which house

•With all houses looking like the one beside it

•And all the cars, even though different, same in one aspect…exorbitant

•But never thinking or wondering about the people who live in these homes

•Never wondering if the man and woman of the house have children

•Never wondering if they had a son or daughter…twins or more

•Never wondering if they had a miscarriage and the man blames his lover so he goes out fucking every whore,slut, and prostitute exposed so maybe he can carry is precious legacy of owning a Mercedes and a home that resembles every other home in a 5 mile radius

•I journey pass the locality and soon arrive to a more thriving area

•With lights other than the luminous crescent in the sky

•Nightlife…something only found in a megalopolitan

•Where the dark vanity of people come out to mingle with one another

•To ridicule others

•To make apocryphal plans of getting rich 

•To lie to another for sex but sound so bonafide  thru equivocated sentences

•And here am I…wondering

•Wondering why I never wondered about the woman outside the bar

•Smoking her cigarette as I do my source

•She sees me…with pain in her eyes but smiles and waves thru it

•Wondering if she wonders about me

•Wondering if she is wondering why I am outside now

•Wondering if she wondered if I were to approach her or not

•But it is still in the hour of 3…the hour for me…and I just re ignited my source…

•I continue wandering and wondering

•I pass a sloshed crowd thru a small sidewalk budging no one and wondered if they noticed me

•Have they seen me and so graciously moved out the way as if they felt my presence is of some precious value it mustn’t be touched by their inebriated bodies?

•Or was it that they were so plastered they weren’t even cognizant of my being?

•Or is it that to them I am nothing…a stranger probably assuming I were comming from my home to a store or visa versa?

•I pass the string of bars and drunkards and reach parkland

•A road paved specifically for men, women and children with an array of trees, bushes, and everything that nature has to offer us 

•As I travel thru this trail which has no visual end or destination to it…I see an elderly man with a young canine unalike that of the owner

•He sits under a tree sparking a pipe with an aroma just as my wonder

•He sits there…watching his dog gallop thru the grass like a horse in the derby

•Wondering if he as well is wondering what I wonder?

•Does he watch his companion wishing he was as spry as he?

•And most of all I wonder what does someone of his age wonder about?

•But I’m halfway thru my time of 3…much as I am halfway thru my source

•I grew weary of the same path…seeing the same grass with tree after tree after tree

•I break off and reach something amazing


•Total solitude

•REAL solitude

•The shore…with only stones and sand

•Uninhabited by anyone with only the soul of the ocean and mine to keep one another company

•I look into the deep deep soul of the ocean and see a blurry face…a man…or a boy…

•It is there where I wonder…wonder about the face in the soul of ocean

•Why is he here?

•What is his purpose?

•Does he have a purpose?

•Is he just here for Godly amusement?

•Is he bad or good?

•Did he arrive too soon or too late?

•Does he look back at me with shame or with anticipation?

•Does he see a gaffe who has made mistakes that are irremediable?

•Does he regret seeing me thru the soul of the ocean?

•Does anyone love the face in the soul of the ocean? 

•If not then CAN anybody love him?

Is it methodical to wonder as I wonder?

•But alas…the clock strikes 4…and my hour is up…wondering is over…no more questions back to finding everyday answers

•But there would never be enough answers for this life is full of boundless questions


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